Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Air Of Confidence

Being that I am in sales, observing people is part of my job. Observing women is the nice part. But what I have noticed is a change in the older women. Now older is purely subjective, but lets say from 45-65 years of age.
By the way, it is getting harder to tell how old anymore. It is all guesses anyway.

Not that long ago, I would see a woman come in, too much make-up, not dressed in any fashion at all, kind of a lost look on their face, a sense of desperation in their body language. Some had had lost their husband, through death or divorce,  and were unprepared to solider on with a life on their own. They had let themselves go physically a long time ago. They didn't know much about anything around the house,( which in my store, that is what people come in for, to fix or replace), acting like lost souls.

By the way, this is not to say men don't go through this too ( except for the make up! ), but men can mask the lonely part a bit better I think.

Being I work in Florida, these observances may be a bit clouded because of the international flavor of people that stop by to shop.

The women I see now are better dressed and their hair done more age appropriate style. The blue hair look seems to be going away. There is more attention to detail in how they look. And it is very nice, and very noticeable.

A confident woman is very sexy. So is a genuineness in how you present your self. Inquiring, inquisitive. thoughtful, a smile, is also nice to have.  It is helpful to me because part of my job is to provide correct answers for the questions you have.

Women are more fit nowadays. Not all of course, but I see a trend that way. Guys have a lot of catching up to do. Women seem less world weary then men I think. I know life affects all, but on that, women seem to hide it better.

As a guy getting older, it is nice to see the ladies looking good. Truly all selfish reasons on my part.

A confident woman is very sexy!

I think it is morning coffee time

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