Monday, September 12, 2011


ah yes, the aftermath. There is always that isn't it. A controversial subject, people taking sides, people pointing fingers and so on.

9-11 stirs up those emotions. That day put a lingering fear in the minds of many people. The days soon after, the poor people in New York thought that if anything bad or destructive happened somewhere in the city, it was another attack.

Time provides a healing process. We all face death of loved ones and time and tears allows one to cope and move on. The rehash of 9-11 on all the TV stations is I think detrimental towards the national coping process.

All people want safety and security in their lives. It offers comfort to us. We all deserve it. But we can never take it for granted.

I will explore some thoughts I have in the next few posts.

Slings and arrows. I am ready.

It will be a bumpy ride.

It will be a lonely ride.

I am ready.

Time for a giant cup of coffee.

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