Sunday, September 4, 2011

Someone Has Been Rearranging My Planets When I Wasn't Looking!

The planets must be realigned. Something has been happening to me lately.
Ever since this post,Do You Think I'm Sexy?, something strange has been happening to me. I have been getting compliments.

But first things first. I have been seeing a doctor for a few months getting things taken care of.  It has been working. I am feeling better, starting to sleep better, blood pressure under control and so on. That is great news.

I must be looking better too. I will explain.

I recently complimented a woman at work, saying she looked good, had lost some weight, hair is nicer and so on. That made her happy because people were staring to notice. We discussed food stuff and when I was about to leave she said " It must be easy for you because you are good looking anyway." Huh?
Wow. I did feel like asking her to repeat it just because it sounded so good. I walked away with a dazed look on my face.

I went to the doctor a few days later. This doctor is a lady, very nice, very kind, listens, answers questions patiently and is also pretty. When I first met her, I could barely stay awake, suffering from fatigue and so on.

I met with her, discussing things for the future, what to do and so on, and my next appointment.  Then she said "You are looking very handsome today." Huh?

I told her that until the last year or so, I had never heard that before. She said some men take longer to get there, but that I was so there!.

I have been sleeping better. I was getting 3 hours a night before, now some nights 7 hours. It makes a big difference. Many things have to change to make me happy, but this is a big start. To all who have said nice things about me, thank you so much. It does make a difference. A kind word...

I could get used to this.

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