Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Remembered Again?

I am not expecting any one to agree with me on this.

The stories have been ramping once again. It seems to me that they try every year to make the people who didn't  die feel guilty. Over 3400 people died for no apparent good reason.

We had planes knock down buildings that were designed to stay up when planes hit them. The Empire State building had a large plane hit it in the fog, and it didn't fall down. This time there was help to knock them down.

Building 7 fell down all by itself. We have all seen buildings collapse with controlled demolition, fall down like a house of cards. We saw a hole created in the Pentagon walls, hit by a plane, yet there was no plane remains left. Steel melts at 2750 degrees. Molten steel. Office fires don't melt steel, neither does airplane fuel.

9-11 was chosen for a reason. Here in the States, 911 is used to call for emergency help, be it fire, police, or in a medical emergency.

9-11 , used to burn the day in our minds. To resurrect the fear in people. Fearful people are docile.

I am not docile.

Fear is used to take away rights of the people. People want to feel safe. Secure. They are neither.
Everyday soon after, we had color warnings that rated how safe we were.
Things got too quiet, things ramped up.

9-11 was allowed to happen. Just like the attack on Pearl Harbor.  An excuse for war. Most of the hijackers were Saudi's. We did not attack Saudi Arabia, we attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq. Huh?

But I hate to tell you, I think this was all an inside job. The Pentagon had been asked to account for over 2.5 trillion dollars that was missing. The missile that hit the Pentagon was directed at the accounting section, wiping out all the computers with the data and the people working there.

That's right, I did say missile. Plane leave wreckage.
There was no wreckage to speak of.

Planes all have a type of beacon that allows them to be tracked across the skies. When something go awry, the air force is called into action. This time, the air force was ordered to stand down.

When the buildings collapsed, immediately,  crews came in to clean up the wreckage. It was a crime scene, There was no forensic work done. Evidence was removed, Repeat. Evidence was removed.

Our government spies on its own people. They hold themselves to be above the law. People should fear them. They should not trust them. They hold the safety and future of people around the world in there hands
and they don't do a good job.

Terrorists. Persons of Interest. Anthrax. Duct Tape. Know unknowns. We will force democracy down your throats. We have bases everywhere.

CIA, FBI, NSA. They spy on everyone. They listen. They watch. They can come in right now, haul me away, and you will never see me again. Or it could happen to you.

Homeland Security, Patriot Act, sounds noble, but it is all invasive.
It is all about control.

Limit voting or better yet, stop voting. It is easy to get swept up in the ideology at election time. It doesn't matter. It may cost a billion dollars to run for president this time around. They put up the money, they expect much in return,

We allow torture. We send people elsewhere to be tortured. Torture me and I will give you the combination to the Ft. Knox safe.  The information obtained is useless. Water boarding, the same. We are no better then the Nazis. In many cases, much worse.

I have rambled on much to much. Many things bother me and today I touched on a few. I do not believe in coincidences. Neither should you. Justice should be served.

Land of the free and home of the brave.


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