Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Boy, The United States Leads In Labor ( Or Man, Are We Tired )

This is a recent chart comparison of the United States and 15 other countries.

The first chart shows time off each week for the workers. This is kind of split on countries that do and countries that don't. ( 15 countries shown )

The second chart shows paid annual leave. ( Oh, Oh, we are almost by ourselves. )

The third chart shows paid maternity leave. ( Again, we are almost by ourselves. )

It seems that the rest of the world takes better care of its workers then we do. You will always here big business complain that the costs of workers are too high. Minimum wage is too high, health care costs are too high and so on. Yet the rest of the world manages. We take less time for vacations then anywhere else too.

For the full article and more charts go to:
or click on the title

Happy Labor Day!

Now take a nap, you deserve it!

Morning coffee time

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