Friday, July 31, 2009

Scandal Of Sport

old time records
meant to be broken
athletes today
tainted all
peer pressure
money gain
loved by many
adored by more

all a lie
victory not earned
lie lie lie
well he did it
must be okay
fans still care
maybe not
as much
someday this will

stars are suspect
ruthian clouts
need a helper
one after another
scandal grows
soon the games
will die

when did it start
when will stop
is it too late
should be pure
it is not
childhood dreams
on the juice

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Focus On Health

health is important
as one grows older
excuses we have
why we do
what we do

trick the mind
eat when full
drink not thirsty
sugar salt
dictionary needed
to read label
questions why
gullible public
sound the alarm
land of plenty
food to eat
much not good
chemicals eaten

if we saw
what went in
powders liquids
on shelf
in our bodies
would you eat

hold in hands
see and eat
plastic wrap
cant be good

how they grow
plants and animals
drugs pumped in
mankind suffers

food supply
in danger
fishing too much
toxic animals
silent spring
back again

take back your life

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Men And Their Stuff

man stuff
women wonder
what is it
needed for
what she wonders
nuts bolts
wire wood

more tools
never ending quest
he cries
hides in man cave
could be room
where he putters

what she wants
he can make
measure measure
saw saw
oops measure again

where is it
left over here
cleaned up said she
look lift under
time wasted
urge fading

yes it is messy
not like TV
all in place

doesn't know how
figure it out
put together
just right

waits for reaction
still waiting
job well done
acknowledged by one
inner self proud

back to tools
able to do
couldn't do without

man needs his stuff

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Women Of The Post

what they think
what they know
how they share
years of knowledge

smartness and beauty
in one package
woman's point
of view
important to read
their side
ups and downs
highs and lows

different styles
to talk about
things that matter
each on the
willing to share
hope you like
or not
no stopping them

funny thing though
the posts I read
women write all
smart move on
my part
they will say yes
I have to agree

I am
one smart guy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hardest Lesson Learned

affairs of the heart
can not be wished
once upon a star

the planets must
align in
the right order

birds must sing
in the same key

bees making honey
never sweeter

sunrise most perfect
sunset brings hope
for more to come

walks by the ocean
two sets of prints
leaving their mark

thoughts to be shared
but never thought

searching the corners
universal emotion
sense of loss
sense of gain

joust at windmills
never give up
not imagined
will come calling

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RJ Hears A Who

just think
a moment
all we know
all we see
unknown worlds
unknown universe
maybe more

what if it's
all a spec of
things so vast
no comprehension
of it all

does it matter
what we say
what we learn
how we treat
one another

why so mean
why so cruel
why so nice
to one another

it all matters
you knew that
the flap of
a butterflies wings
can move the winds
around the world

it stirs
the imagination
brain hurts
thinking so hard
nature has cycles
why not this
expansion stops
come back together
start again
big bang
we are unique
not the best

be kind when
you can
do the right
thing because
it's the right
thing to do

a spec of dust
we call home
RJ hears a who

Someone Believes

someone believes
hidden stars
walk among us
talent special
some do know
all along

always gets chuckles
bad hair
funny dress
frumpy suit
cap backwards
too small
too young
too old

judges smirk
maybe laugh
poking fun
eyebrows raised
sideways glance
get it on
get it over with
snickers from
the crowd

singer starts
total surprise
quiet panelists
audience listens
caught up
in the moment
roar from crowd
standing ovation
could be the

someone believes

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Say, Was That Lightning? Phfft!

storm clouds roll
darkness falls
sky flashing
nature active
once again

fireworks are here
way too close
powerful sight
war of worlds
striking buildings
maybe people
lightning capital
wonder why
duck and run
sitting target

goes on for
so surreal
sky power
harness the energy
one after another
can strike
from distance
ten miles away
sometimes up
most times down

remember as child
sitting on porch
watch and marvel
nocturnal celebration
each one different
each one the same
need to wonder

on golf course
weather always fine
get the shot in
ignore danger

maybe grownup
childlike fascination
lights in the sky

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mom, There Is Nothing On TV!

when we were young
only five channels
we would cry
nothing is on

then they added
some more hard
to find
twisting the rabbit
nothing is on

then came cable
promise of much
all for you
fifty channels
nothing is on

buy this package
buy that package
movies galore
nothing is on

bring on the dish
big ones then
little ones
signal from space
soon we know
nothing is on

what do we turn
to when we
shows from days
gone by
the shows we
when we were young
when nothing was on

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fruit Out Of Reach, Always Tastes The Sweetest

a borrowed quote
from a novel
long ago

"If I was alone
with thee,
I would kiss thee
until thy cries
for mercy filled
the universe"

love and passion
just out of
distance all
feelings of want
feelings of need

"I thank thee Lady
but thou art there
and I am here and
the world's between us"

over time
how large how small
love out of reach
around the world
or next door

"Ah, but there is
no world
between us.
My life is full
because of thee".

love acknowledged
no greater
for life afterall

quotes from shogun

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Songwriters and Singers of Yesteryear

song meant alot
words crafted
told a story
tortured soul
sometimes happy
laid to rest
for all to hear

looks of singer
the effort

sometimes called
from within

eighty eight
used by many
to write
the soul
of the verse
rhyme for a reason
piano holds the keys
no limit

like carole king
james taylor
to name a few
their music
brings me back
to my happy place
or sometimes sad

the good music
will not die
newly discovered
by the young
following increases
what was good then
is good now

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Only Rock and Roll, But I Like It!

rock and roll
what a time
to be at
the beginning
english invasion
fab four
hand holding

stones never
byrds eight miles high
cream room is white
hermits by herman
paul revere
and his raiders
dave clark five
likes it like that
don't monkey
around valerie

animals house
was rising
sky pilots too
purple deep
water smoking
in the garden
of eden
guitar on fire
joplin wailing

go go boots
watusi swim
line dance
beach boys
dream of california
and the good
annette and frankie
itsy bitsy bikini
lust in little
boys heart
sand and surf

don't forget
be a pip
michael plus four
papa was
supremes dinah
boxtops too
super fly
shaft is a bad
mouth shut
stevie was a

super tramp
to the center
chewy nugent
guess who
zepplin turns
a page
halen, tyler
rip and snort
you can see
too many to

gimme shelter
at the beginning
and I like it

Reason to Delete Email

inbox full
what to read
must get bigger
enlarge thy size

giant value
worth much
limited time
can't miss
no one knows
but me
google secrets

stuff envelopes
make thousands
make you rich
only we know

make you mad
say bad things
yell and scream
get reaction
you lose
they win

don't react
don't respond
finger poised
hit delete
once again
hit delete

feel better
move on to
better things
happy place
feel better

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Makes Thumper Run

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

every guy
surprised when
it happens
out of the blue
miss bunny
makes a visit
tongue tied
ears twisted

what does life
have in store
true love
tummy scratch
motor running
very happy
doesn't know why
but likes it

case of puppy love
bunny style
jiminy cricket
where's the star
make it happen
good fairy
make it happen

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Terror In The Skies?

plane travel
safety first
pilots trained
many hours
always working
best way
safest way
to travel
fastest too

why do we yell
why do we cry
crashes happen
metal fails
pilot tires
tire blows
birds hit
engine fails
terror in the sky
300 plus die
hue and cry
how could it happen
size does matter
large group
all at once
you have
no control

people die
cars every day
every year
in the states
41,000 dead
a year
113 a day
no maintenance
bad tires
no brakes
cell phone
eating reading
kids crying
change lanes
not looking
test taken
license given
on your own
your in control

which is safer
terror in the skies
or on the way
to the store

you decide

Friday, July 3, 2009

True Meaning Of Our 4th Of July

famous words written
by great men
at the beginning
the birth
of this country
men so wise

Thomas Jefferson
John Hancock
most famous
Samuel Adams
John Adams
Benjamin Franklin
fifty six men
in all
signed the paper
life on the line
The Declaration
of Independence
belief in country
the people
words that stood
the test of time

admired in history
taught by many
to be there
to hear to see
this work of art
the creation
humble beginnings
throw off shackles
of tyranny
fair representation

smart men
don't live forever
more to follow
most not as good
or brave
high standards
not met
of our forefathers

many needed to right
the ship
set the course
brave and true
don't forget
most famous words

we hold these truths
to be self-evident,
that all men are
created equal,
that they are endowed
by their Creator with
certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life,
Liberty and
the pursuit
of Happiness.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Day The Earth Said Enough

banned in USA
sell it elsewhere
it kills
don't tell

take the fish
empty the oceans
don't replenish
it kills
don't tell

make the smoke
burn the fuel
darken the sky
hard to breathe
it kills
don't tell

dump the garbage
taint the water
need to drink
thirst for all
it kills
don't tell

plastics made
miracle product
lives forever
won't go away
it kills
don't tell

down go forests
around the world
would clean the air
help us breathe
it kills
don't tell

animals once roamed
plentiful to see
millions crossed
the plains
now to see
only in zoo
it kills
don't tell

earth is tired
man the smartest
most evil
most destructive
all will die
earth will purge
start over
nothing for children
we have killed
please tell all
stop now


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