Friday, June 28, 2013

The Letter

pen in hand
inkwell close
cursive script
gently flows
words and thoughts
from times before
thoughtfully written
poetic in sounds
emotions shown
love and passion
folded and placed
sealed in wax
long journey taken
time stands still
miles and months
may pass
response is wanted
letter in hand
gently opened
savour the moment
eyes take in
unbridled joy
power of the pen

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thoughts By RJ 6-23-13

To all the people who in reaction to reports of their own government spying on emails and phone calls said "I have nothing to hide.", there is no help for you and there is not enough time to explain the right to privacy.

The next stock market crash will make the great depression seem like a minor inconvenience.

There is more money tied up in derivatives than there is money. And no way to take care of it.

We will all be under martial law in our lifetime. When the banking system shuts down and there is panic in the streets and no money for food and then no food, what then?

I wondered for so long how come Africa is not being exploited for all it's natural resources, I wonder no longer.

China = The Jones's as in keeping up with! Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, the world shifts directions trying to keep up with China.

We may be somewhat out of Iraq and Afghanistan but never fear, soon we will be in Syria.

All the fighting around the world over the last 30 years or so has been over oil. The biggest battle over a resource has yet to begin. That resource...


We are at the beginning of the new dust bowl, no water, no crops, no food, no jobs.

The world is envious of our ability to produce cheap food. They are not envious of the quality of the food.

We as a country are not doing a great job of leaving a legacy to our children that we can be proud of.

I have high hopes though they will make the world a better place. But the old guard has to be removed.

Term limits have to be put in place for senators and congressman. Plus, no special exemptions on pay or medical plans. They have to live with the same stuff as we do. They would vote differently wouldn't they?

60% of all healthcare is spent on people during the last six months of living.

Chemotherapy is such a cash cow, that is why there have been no major breakthroughs in cancer.

Enough brooding thoughts this morning.
coffee time.


Friday, June 21, 2013

I actually stayed up for the "Big"game?

I managed that last night because I took a nap first! Old age? Maybe. I watched with my daughter who had to do a  college paper on it. Nope, no beer was involved.

Did I watch a big battle and superior athletes clashing on the hard-court? No, actually it was the sloppiest game I had seen for quite awhile. Really bad passing, really bad shots that didn't get better throughout the game.
Like old fat guys at a picnic trying to relive their youth in between beer and chicken wings, it was boring.

There will be many people and pundits trying to build up the play and the results and I will tell you no, not much of that at all.

The pressure of the seventh game, and bragging rights to the winner, which will last all the way until September when it starts again.

Funny thing though, they would run highlights of stars and games and teams of years gone by, and I called out every player and threw in some stats for good measure. I am so over "hype".

On the plus side, watching the game with my daughter was nice and she asked the old man many questions during the game.

Now it time for a big morning coffee and go grind out another work day.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Try calling a guy handsome and see his reaction

Go ahead, ladies, say it.  Handsome. And watch what happens. A look of bewilderment will cross his face, Then followed by a smile, a small smile. He will walk a little taller, feel a bit more confident.

I had to wait until I was 55 to have a woman say it to me. From someone I have still not yet met. It brought tears to my eyes. I felt touched by an angel. No, my wife has never said it,

I was at work last week, a lady customer came in, was being introduced to the staff, and when it was my turn to say hi, she said " oh you are handsome"! I smiled and thanked her.  and sat a little taller...

Most guys feel very average, and as we get older, invisible. So it is good to know, for some we are, well, you know...

coffee time


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Wonderful Foggy Morning

mists rising upward
blanket ones vision
what lies ahead

moisture on the face
feelings arise
what is out there
something I know

been there before
confident in past
wonders of future
better or worse

2 step forward
1 back
progress is
not a straight line

needed in defeat
13 letters
you counted

fog to rise
view ahead
never clearest

life is not
like that
count on
the butterfly

the foggy


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