Friday, October 25, 2013

A Public Service Healthy Food Announcement!

Taken from the 10-12 issue of Men's Health page 34

Sticker Secrets

mystery solved
The numeric codes on fruits and vegetables reveal how they were grown.

Look for five digit stickers that start with 9-that's code for organic

4 digits-conventionally grown

five digits starting with 8-genetically grown or GMO

hope you find this helpful!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Thoughts from RJ 10-22-13

When it comes to the the healthcare law, the only important thing to me is the elimination of "preexisting conditions"

Why don't we have healthcare like the other civilized countries do?

Why do we spend the most for healthcare and get the least out of it?

Why do we pay tremendous amounts of money for drugs that are not safe?

Aspirin has been around in one form or another since 1853 and no one is quite sure why and how it works.

How come there isn't a price menu so you can shop pricing from hospital to hospital instead of being surprised when you get the bill?

Dentists are like that too.

Why doesn't the diploma on the wall show the ranking of your doctor in his graduating class?

Why is it that the Social Security is talked about as an entitlement when you have been paying into it your whole working life?

Why is it that some people from the current generation hate the foreigners that follow?

If you were supposed to report only the facts, most TV journalists would be out of work and Fox news would be out of business.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love the Ta Ta's But Pink is not about a cure

I love them, all shapes and sizes but the marketing of Pink is not about a cure for breast cancer, it is a business. If a cure is found they close up shop. Really, you think so? Not a chance.

Something for sale. "A portion of the profit goes to something cure." What is a portion, how much is raised, what is being done?  Sounds of crickets.

A long time ago, there was a thought to do something good. No longer. You think you are doing something of good, something of value. You are not. Sorry bucko.

A war on something is never won. a moment can take forever. What has been accomplished? A survivor is considered someone who lives five more years, mixed successes ya think?

Radiation, chemotherapy kills everything. That is not a cure.

Cancer is a big business. Remember that a business strives to grow and expand.

grumpy coffee time


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Collective Groaner

There was a man who was in love with all things Mozart. Anything and everything. One day he decided to travel to see the final resting place of the famous composer.

He decided to visit the cemetery late at night so he would be alone with his thoughts about the great man and his wonderful work.

As darkness fell, he noticed, off to the side of the grave, a light from below.

Curious, he looked closer, noticing that it looked like it lead to some steps below.

The temptation was too strong, so he worked his way down inside the chamber.

Much to his surprise, he found Mozart himself, sitting at a desk with sheet music and erasing notes off the page.

Startled he cried out, "Mozart, what are you doing?"

Mozart looked at him and calmly said Why, I am decomposing!"

thank you


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