Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Bye To Man's Best Friend, Mugsy

We had to put down my 12 year old black lab this last Saturday. A combination of age, back legs failing, cough, and so on, it was necessary to end it. 

He was my best friend.

He loved the water and I was afraid I would find him at the bottom of the pool or dead in a corner of the yard. The only thing still strong about him was his appetite. His sight and hearing had diminished. 

He would come into my bedroom late at night, come up to me, sniffing, poking me with his nose to make sure I was okay. And then curl up on a rug at the foot of the bed for a nap.

We had many a good time playing fetch in the yard and in the pool. 
He was a purebred that we got for free. The previous owner had just had a baby and thought he was no longer a good fit for their family. She was very wrong as the next 12 years would  prove out.

We were playing fetch one day when a lady walked by with two dogs. He went on the attack. She did not get mad, saying he was protecting me. No harm was done. We put a fence in soon after!

Like many a dog he gave his love unconditionally. And I gave it back in return.

When I am in the kitchen cooking or baking, the dogs would gather around hoping for a crumb or something to drop to the floor. This Sunday as I looked around and saw he was not there, I must admit the tears did well up in my eyes. 

There are many stories to tell and I could fill pages with them but I won't. Time will pass but not my thoughts for him.

I have decided to rerun a poem I wrote about him a a few years instead.

Mugsy, gone but not forgotten.

Thank you for your time.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lying asleep
at the ready
for play
for a scratch
favorite snack
always looking
Lab is he
always trust

no conditions
for love
smartest he knows
out the door
game of fetch
again and again
wagging of tail
his hero

pup no longer
getting older
graybeard now
moving slower
life would give
to the end

noble beast
not to judge
love in eyes

absent from room
not from heart
hug and kiss
family member
better then most
man's best friend
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