Friday, September 9, 2011

Closet Purge

Today was one of those "do it now" days. I had bought some new pants yesterday because the ones I normally wear were """"""too big"""""( yea!! ) and needed to go. ( I have been steadily losing weight over the past year)

A long glance at our very unorganized closet showed that I had a bunch of golf shirts aka work shirts that I had stopped wearing along time ago, mostly because the length had shrunk.  Some of the colors and patterns no longer appealed to me. So they all had to go.

50 plus shirts! 6 pairs of pants! I do have space for more stuff now. I did buy 3 pairs of pants and shirts, all in black and a new belt. Nothing fancy, there are for work of course. And I don't like to think while getting dressed for work, so I keep it basic. I work in a retail warehouse environment so being clean and presentable is what is called for.

I now feel good, a bit of satisfaction. I don't think it will get that way again because as the weight continues to come off, I will need to redo everything again.

Not too exciting today, just a day in the life of Ray, or should I say morning!


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