Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cut The Cord, Cable Cord That Is

We switched over from Comcast cable TV today to Direct TV. We had not had much to watch the last few weeks as we tried to decide what to do. Cost was of course important and channel availability a big issue. The cable selection was pretty lame with few channels that we wanted to watch. And the cost continued to climb.

Push came to shove as Comcast reduced our selection to 15-20 odd channels. They all sucked. And we now needed to have set up boxes.

Funny thing happened, I started not to care about not having TV.. I still had the internet of course which made things easier. But I figured a few months down the road I would be TV free.

But we will not know for awhile. Direct TV is up and running with 210 channels instead of 65 plus a selection of music channels too. This is not a commercial, just letting you know having a choice is what it is all about.

But I noticed sometime TV is just background noise. It is on, but your mind can wander doing different things, reading, computer, doing stuff. What is more important now a days, TV or the Internet?

My vote is the internet, but one thing is bad about it, Your attention is solely on the screen in front of you.
TV seems more general. Maybe not. But one thing I know, now we are one step closer to the Jetsons!

Time for a cold one,
where is the remote?

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