Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lowered Expectations, It's A Two Way Street

I think over time I have lowered my expectations of people and their actions and thoughts and how it affects myself. I do this so as not to be hurt emotionaly I guess. But thinking about a little further I am betting that people do the same when my name is brought up into a conservation.

I am nicely surprised when someone does something good for me but not when something bad is done against me. There are varing degrees of each, like being nibbled by ducks, not enough to put you down but it can still make you weary.

People always try to interpert what do you mean and why did he say that. Written language lacks the face to face meaning, smiles, twinkle in the eye, facial obeservations that complete the thought process.  It is what it is.

Lower the bar enough times and I may finally exceed your expectations.
And then, it is your turn...

cold coffee time

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