Sunday, September 25, 2011

Be Thankful For A Nice Cashier

Being a cashier is a thankless job in retail. They are the last point of contact with the customer, unless something needs to be loaded in a car or truck.

If the shopping experience was a pleasant one with no problems, it is a non event. If it wasn't, oh boy!

They hear all the complaints from customers. They sometimes cause them too. It looks like an easy job though doesn't it. Not really.

Many but not all do it as a second job or go to school full time. The hours can be very strange. Sometimes they have to be there at 5:00 am to get ready for the day. Sometimes they stay until 10:00 p.m. at night.
They are responsible to ring up everything seen and unseen.

They are the last line of defense against theft.

It is the most boring job in the world. When it is not busy, the energy just drains out of you.

In any other part of the store, if you need to go to the bathroom, you go. A cashier has to ask permission.

If you need to go on a break, you must ask for permission. Other departments, let someone know you are going.

You are told when to go to lunch, Other departments, after 3-4 hours, you go.

You are told where to work and when.

Your register is monitored by cameras watching for theft. Some get caught.

Your accuracy with money is monitored each day. If you are off by too much, you will get fired.

You are expected to make conversation, some of it is a check list of things to say.

Some of course, should not have been hired in the first place, but there is not a long line of super quality people waiting for that job.

And lastly, when things are very busy, when it is a holiday and you have the opportunity to shop and then to go home and enjoy your day with your family and friends, we are there, long after the store closes and many mornings way before it opens. You may not know how we were treated before we waited on you. We want to be nice to you. Give us a chance.

Glad I am not a cashier,

reaching for a big coffee

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