Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reflection In The Glass

I was waiting in the managers office at work yesterday, waiting on a woman to show me how to do some paperwork, a revision of policy, when I happened to look up and see my reflection in a two-way glass staring back at me.

I was thinking that this was the image I showed to the public each and everyday. Some customers I see a lot and some for the first time. Hundreds of people a week. It is my job to help and to help them buy what they need.

I saw someone quite average. But I thought it was okay to look and be that way. I was thinking it must be my attitude and how I came across that made me different from someone else. A work in progress. I like to make work fun and make people happy or it really becomes hard work. I do have some selling skills, and knowledge that make a difference in the work place.

So that is why I am there.

Some customers make you grit your teeth and hang on to get through the sale. Others, by the time I am done, feel like family.

The reflection in the glass.

So all I know, when I will see you and ask.

Hi! How can I help you today? (always with a smile)

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