Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Tight Is Too Tight?

Hey you! I am talking clothes here!! Such minds, I'm telling you.

It's too tight when...

You have to lay down on the bed
 to zipper up your pants

You need a comb shoved 
into the pockets because your hands won't fit

It is a test of strength to close 
the top button

Breathing seems to be optional

Now that you have them on,
walking and sitting will have
 to be planned in advance

You have to wear a belt
in case that top button fails

You forgot to wear a belt

When you have a muffin top
before you put them on

Wearing too tight pants
and top
causes muffin neck

You find that Spanx
 does have its limits

How will you explain
that red mark around the waist
in the morning

When the pants come off you are afraid
you will go flying around the room

Shoes with laces, 
not tonight!

How could those pants
shrink like that?

Must be the wrong size
on the label

The pants let everyone see if the coins
in your pocket show heads or tails
except you don't carry change with you

And finally
you realize
sweat pants are sexy too!

And this is what guys go through ladies!
Another revelation! 

Must be beer time

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