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RJ's thoughts 4-25-14

I have been helping out with my daughter's new house. It seems that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. To top it all off, she had ordered four bathroom vanities and granite tops. They were delivered and left out on the driveway, no call, no notice, two days before they were supposed to arrive. There was no one home to sign for it. Over $4,000 worth of material. Luckily it didn't rain. They sat there over night. We thought one vanity was stolen, turned out to be back ordered. Wrong colors here, broken parts there...sigh.

She had all the plumbing valves, inside and out replaced. Many leaked and would not shut off completely.
Plumbers are expensive. Much of the work that was done I don't know how to do. It was wise to bring in a professional. We are putting a lot of time and effort to get things right for her, she appreciates it but wishes it was over.
She has spent a lot of money to get things the way she likes, she will never do this again.

As a commission only salesman, I have found that I need everyday to have selling goals in place or I will not even be close to being successful. Each day is a marathon of sorts and you have to try again and again with each new customer. It is all about hitting the numbers.

Sometimes it seems that one is in a survival rut, doing enough to keep ones head above water. In a place where golf can be played every day of the year, April is almost over and I have yet to swing a club in vain.

I commented to my daughter that helping her with her house has been fun and that I have seen more of her the last three months then the last 5 years ( work schedules and sleep schedules mainly to blame ). We have been either to Home Depot or Lowe's everyday. It is getting to be a running joke.

Sadly, once the house is complete and she moves out with her dogs, I will rarely see her. I am enjoying it while I can.

When we shop together, I am having her buy tools needed for repairs or general fix its so I don't need to bring anything. She jokes at her work that I am treating her garage like it is mine!

coffee time


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Fast and Furious

the teacher asked for a drawing with movement
I think he succeeded 
do you see the second car?

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bird on the table

another classroom assignment

Thursday, April 17, 2014

appliances, final thoughts

finishing up with some keywords

the stove or cooktop of the future. it is a cooktop that cooks but can't hurt you. it works on electro magnets. your pot or pan must be able to have a magnet stick to it. it will activate the cooking surface, for example hot enough to boil water but remove the pot, put your hand on the surface and it will feel only warm. it is more efficient then radiant cooking or gas and very safe. it is available now and as more people buy it the costs will continue to come down.

for the electric oven. a fan back of the oven moves the air allowing for even cooking, eliminating cold spots (cold spots being relative)

true convection
same as above except that there is a heating element with the fan. cooking time is reduced and results are better.

built ins
from wall ovens to refrigerators, the appliances are no deeper then 24 inches.

cook tops
can be electric, gas, or induction. any electric products must be hard wired. during replacement, the size of the cook top width, length and depth must be known as sizes can vary from one manufacturer to another.

hard wired
replaces a plug in application. must be turned off at the breaker box if needed.

so that is it, my thoughts on what I do for a living. I am sure I left something out so if you have questions let me know.

your friendly appliance salesman


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shattered Dreams...son

an idea came to him, this is the result!


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