Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please Support The Needy November 7, 2009

Boy Scouts Cub Scouts
came around today
notice given
to help the needy

back in a week
to work real hard
for those who
need help
need food to live
canned goods
meats soup vegetables
peanut butter

tough economy
to give up something
cut back on bills
try to get ahead
wondering where
your next meal
is coming from

post office does
this too
once a year

give a bag
of food
the stuff you
like the most
to someone
that matters
may never see
may never know
who you helped
they will thank you

feel good inside
be proud
warm and fuzzy
not hard work
no time at all
bag it and leave
both will be thankful

might be you next time

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Refuge In A Song

When in a down mood,(turtle pulling in head and legs and hiding) one must have a go to song to wash over and soothe away the aches and pains of life. I have many, but this is a favorite.

Invisible Man

there are days
a wake up call
things to be enjoyed
not going well

a self awareness
of ones self
outside looking in
as others see

female gender
casual encounter
being polite
no hint of
ego takes hit
confidence ebbs

sometimes it
can't shake it off
reaching the age
of invisibility

the feeling of alone
in a crowded room
this will pass
not unique
in this feeling

but when senses
perception is reality
down day will go away
bluster of salesman
will hide insecurity
once more
and understand
the invisible man

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friends Everywhere

bloggers unite
seems strange
but true
all kinds
different problems
people care

compassion from most
caring giving
welcomed by one
good to see
be part of
something special
many thoughts
channel to one

much good
can be done
be in the shoes
of someone else
hope when it
is your turn

they will be there
for you

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Ultimate Biking Video!

Sometimes someone does something so brilliant that watching it leaves one in awe.
I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Florida Dodges A Bullet

No hurricanes this year came to our shores. No pushing and shoving in line to buy supplies that were plentiful just a short time before, begging to be purchased. No worried looks from customers wondering how to get ready for the strong winds and rain soon to come.
How to do this, how to do that? Who knew a hurricane was coming?

The disappointed looks from the Weather Channel forecasters as they through up their hands and say nothing is happening out there. There were some signs that something might happen again and again, only to be rebuffed northward to fizzle out once more. The official end of the hurricane season is still six weeks away, but we know it is over, the fat lady has sung her last note and the annual anxiety is put to rest once again.

The same people that panic and are always unprepared for the worst will be back next year, forgetful of past years turmoil.

While it lasts, let's enjoy the peace and quiet.

Read All About! It Florida Gets Cold!!

It's here boys and girls. The time of the year we look forward to, a cold snap has come through.

Just a few days ago, it was in the 90's, I awoke this morning to 52 degrees. The AC is off, the windows are open for the first time since April. A briskness in the air. A look at the backyard pool no longer seems inviting, like a jilted lover, it is tucked away in the back of the mind.

The humidity doesn't go away, still a dampness in the air to contend with. It accents the cold air, making it appear chillier then it should be.

The clothes one wears will start to change with the season. More long pants, less shorts. Maybe even wearing socks? with shoes?
Sweatshirts and sweaters start to show up like long lost relatives at a free all you can eat buffet.

You know it will happen, the cold air pushing down from the land of our northern brethren, cold fingers inching their way ever southward. It does not bring snow nor ice in its grasp.

Outside work can now be done, gasping for a breath in the heat of the day, just a memory. The tempatures will jump up and down, may plunge in the 30's on occasion, usually in January. Who knows this year, where many places have had snow already.

Soon we will tire of it, wishing for the sunshine we did have, basking in its warmth once again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can't Miss A Day

32 days in a row
workout possessed
without fail
change of schedule
split shifts
time to sleep
time for workout
workout wins

can do much more
out of shape
did not happen

many lbs added
did not gain
with a single Cheetos
chip and dip
extra wing
but with
unconscious eating
beer in hand
ice cream in other

start start start
do what you can
everyday everyday
new habit will
change everything

grunt groan
lots of sweat
call on muscles
to stretch not strain
feel the burn
not pain

changes start
weight loss comes
food eating better
when you don't
lie to yourself

eating right
only a start
you knew that
didn't you

pants start drooping
belts last hole
face is thinner
belly pooch
gets smaller
watch is looser

what will I be
60 days from now
smaller fitter
one will hope
we will see!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Disturbing Dream

What does it mean?

I awoke from a nap the other day, a vivid dream stayed with me.

I was in my parents house and could see outside to the back yard. Through the back door window, I could see lions flying through the air. Looking outside, the lions were trying to get over a very high fence, sometimes getting stuck on the top, getting torn up as they sruggled to get over.

Animals were running everywhere. A cow was running away. I saw a black horse running to the back of the yard , circling, gathering up speed and leaping(I could feel the whoosh as the horse went by) over the fence but landing on the roof of the house next door, safe for the moment, but left me wondering, what was going to happen to the horse next, and then I woke up.

what does it all mean.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exercise = Tired

exercise no big deal
move this
move that
toss some weights
lift and turn
hour or so
then we are done

yoga oh my
pull and stretch
up and down dog
twist and turn
sweat a lot

different poses
fight for balance
muscles found
thought were lost
switch second side
no third side?

use a mat
cushion needed
joints are sore
tired nap time

feel better at work
more mellow it seems
inner peace
seems possible

goal for the day
like them

feeling younger
by the day
inspired by one

thank you
special person

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Loses Olympic Bid, A Lose -Win For The Second City!

Congratulations to Rio De Janeiro for winning the bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

I am from Chicago, so it is with mixed feelings that I am happy they did not win.

It all comes down to money. The cost will be in the billions to build the infrastructure to support the games, which after all, is not about the celebration of sport, but instead it is all about money.

Things are getting tough financially in Chicago. Fees and taxes continue to rise. It makes it expensive to live there. Expressways always need work. Cutbacks are everywhere.

Where would the money come from. Some might point out that the prominence that goes along with being a host. But Chicago is already well known around the world. Visitors seem to always have something nice to stay when they visit.

Yes, jobs would be created. What about afterwards? The bills would still come running in. What would have to be built? There are plenty of sport venues and teams to go along with it. A football stadium, two baseball parks, already exist.

It would be nice, it would be fun, and it would be the most expensive date one would ever have. A financial hangover that the city would never recover, thank goodness Rio won.

Good luck to Rio De Janeiro and be happy Chicago that you did not win.


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