Monday, September 12, 2011

So Who Is Your Next Door Neighbor?

We had moved out of our house and were looking for housing for our family until school was out for the year in Coral Springs, Florida. 

We had bought a house farther north in Wellington, Florida and were waiting for it to be built. So we needed a cheap place to stay. 

We believe this man pictured below was one of our neighbors. 

I believe I helped him and the people he was staying with when they had a sink overflow and needed help mopping up the floor.

Mohammed Atta
9-11 highjacker

On April 11, Atta and Shehhi rented an apartment at 10001 Atlantic Blvd, Apt. 122 in Coral Springs, Florida for $840 per month,[65] and assisted with the arrival of the muscle hijackers.

 ( Click on the title for the rest of the local story from Coral ) 

a piece of history 
worthy of a beer!

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