Saturday, September 3, 2011

Women, Ball Caps and Glasses And Stinky

What I think

Women have the advantage when it comes to wearing different things. Unlike in the animal kingdom where the male has all the decorative plumage, the women have the advantage.


Unlike in grade school and high school, where when I was growing up, they were functional only. Now they have style and can be considered a fashion accessory. If it is done right, it can draw attention to the woman. Believe it or not, guys do look at the face first. Older women often use it as a signal of sorts, beckoning a man to come closer. A guy will be thinking, "If I can get those glasses off..." lol

Knit Caps and Winter Time

I don't know why, but women look cuter with the knit cap on when it is cold out. Especially when it has been snowing out. It brings out the protective feel in a guy, to shield her from the cold. Works for me!

Ball Caps

Be ready if you tell a woman she looks sexy in a ball cap. She won't believe you.  She will tell you she had a bad hair day or her hair is dirty, or something. She will begrudgingly thank you and still not believe you. Ladies trust me on this, the look works.

Too Stinky

We don't care if a good looking woman is stinky or smelly or sweaty from working out or outside in the yard. You smell good to us and we want more! And just maybe, we can be there next time to help with the sweaty part.. guys brains alway working overtime!

That is it for now, me revealing more of me and my way of thinking.
Scary huh? I hope not.


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