Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do I Really Want Peace And Quiet? I Don't Think So

Sometimes we all think at one time or another wouldn't it be nice to have some peace and quiet. Everyone I think,  likes it that way when one sleeps, but all day?

If I had nothing to do but sit around, no distractions at all, my mind would soon be buzzing. With what, I don't know. But would I want to listen? I think not. We are meant to have some type of social interaction, some times a little, sometimes a lot.

Would you want to be without music? Reading? Being creative with something? Being active hides the mind buzz. We all have times when we find ourselves talking to ourselves about something. Many times it is negative. They crowd out the positive thoughts. Why did you do this or How could I do that? And so on.

How often do you praise yourself with those same thoughts? Not as often I am afraid.

The TV on, background noise. The radio on, background noise. Music playing, background noise.

Think Robinson Crusoe, he had his Friday. We are not meant to be alone with our thoughts. Meditation helps control them I think, but not eliminate them.

Isolation is not the answer. When you have a wonderful day out with nature, you are surrounded by the sounds of nature. What is missing is the din of our daily lives.

We crave interaction, one form or another, not sound depravation.

But I know, every once in awhile it sounds like a good idea.

quietly reaching for a morning cup of coffee

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