Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RJ Observations

95 percent of the people in the world want to be left alone to go on with their lives. They are hoping the other 5 percent can lead and do a good job.
Sadly, neither one is working out.

The main job and goal for any elected official is to get reelected.
Actually doing a good job is secondary.

It is easy to talk down someone rich, powerful and famous when they abuse anything and everyone and how could they do that?
Just don't put me in that position to find out! I may disappoint you.

People will always rise to a position one step above their capabilities.
And we are surprised when it doesn't work out.

Why is it that when you can disprove something someone holds to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt, they will believe in it even more?

People with compassion for their fellow man will never rise to power.

Where do rebels get all the weapons that they are using to fight the battles they are waging?

Did you notice that all the uprisings going on in the middle east all involve countries with oil?

Someday it will be common place for all stadiums for sporting events to be empty because no one can afford to go to the games.

When a high ranking official talks of trust, hide your wallet and start packing.

Don't people feel like cattle being prodded and poked as they go through lines suffering indignities and searches and having some more rights being taken away?

People put up with a lot each day at work because of a lack financial security.

We have been lied to that buying on credit and paying huge amounts of interest is a sound personal business decision.

We used to laugh at the fact that a Twinkie had a lifespan of fifty years. Sadly for some, it will out last them.

Acceptance of a burdensome debt is not the way to live.

The easiest way to disrupt a happy society is foster infighting and jealousy among the population and different countries.

It is easier to try to bring down someone doing better then you then it is to rise to their level.

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