Thursday, December 18, 2014

My music is the best...No mine is!!!!

You hear this all the time whether it is the 60's, 70's 80's and so on. It all depends on you doesn't it. Music connects with memories and emotions and events at the time you hear music. It is a bonding thing much like the smell of apple pie or favorite food.

But if you love music you will expand your selections trying a bit of this and that from blues and r&b to classical to hip hop to jazz. Try different artists along the way. Chances are you will be surprised even if it you like only one song or two.

It is like learning another language. You may not get it right but people will appreciate the effort, especially someone younger or from a different race or country.

And if you do like then do one more thing , dance! Like no one is looking even if they are. Enjoy the moment!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey! I am not old so what is with all the wrinkles?

Nobody thinks of themselves as old, even if the calendar begs to differ. Laying in bed the other morning I rolled over and happened to take a look at my arm and this thought popped into my mind.
The skin looked like something from the history channel. Sigh...
And the arm itself was kind of jiggly. Why I look like I am 62! Wait, I am.

I am still pretty strong, can still lift and move things, knees not withstanding, can still hit a golf ball pretty far and so on.

But time marches on doesn't it. The elasticity of the body just wears out and the snap just isn't there anymore.

Try this. Lay your hand flat and pull on the skin. Watch how quickly it goes back. Someone young, well, it goes back quickly while mine relaxes back in place,

One is not supposed to mention anything related to age as our culture worships the young but it is what it is. If you think you are not getting older remember the average life span in the USA is around 70.
If you are older than 35, well, welcome to middle age!

on that happy note...


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

thoughts 12-2-14

people who I think are smarter then me ask me all the time my opinion on a variety of things. scary.

the smell of cut cucumbers is so incredibly good.

the love of a dog is a wonderful thing

only matched by the love of your children

people rarely hang out with people with different view points

racism is really hard to disguise

one must be introduced to the arts at an early age to appreciate the world around us

reading must be encouraged with children but it only works if you read too

the line most used " successful people are not fearful of failure" is only partly true, they hate it too but have the grit to try again

many things do not have the option of failure-learning to walk, dress yourself, ride a bike and so on

apps are a wonderful thing but only work because of the internet and electricity, take that away and they have no value

anyone can be perceived as clever if what they do makes them money

rock and roll will never die until all the rock and rollers are dead

are there any news people left that are trusted to report the news as news

the difference between religion and a cult is the number of members

what ever happened to living in harmony with nature

the fight for the lowest price is a victory of sorts for shoppers but will soon be forgotten if the service isn't there to back up the sale

some people don't realize that life does not have  a straight line to success, it is a series of zig zags

most people don't care about the effort and decisions that it took to get the final results

everything you do in life counts for something

everything you don't do counts for something

a new years resolution starts the day you decide to start, not January first

be aware of things and events around you, listen to your mind and body,
tweak things here and there, you will surprise your self

enough for today

old ray

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why should we care about them, they work in retail don't they?

They're not real people anyway. I have been in retail for 35 plus years or so. We are real people. We have homes, families and we we work hard for our paycheck like anyone else.

We are not to be compared to policeman, fireman, hospital workers, essential people who work year round ensuring our health and welfare.

We are not to be looked down upon for wanting to celebrate a holiday with loved ones. I have seen the comments from people who dislike and look down upon them as lowly people. All so that you can wait with thousands of others to buy, yes buy that unbelievably priced doll, game or TV. Limit 5 per store.

For whatever reason, Thanksgiving is the last day of the year that means a lot and means nothing, No presents are expected, guests may or may not attend, If you are lucky the table will be filled with edible goodies, the TV on with the sounds of football playing, belts being loosened.
A day of joy and relaxation, a day away from the daily grind. Save money, don't buy anything.

We may not work in an office, have a cubicle, wear a suit and tie but in our own way we are essential.

Please don't Scrooge up another day. Thank us instead. Without us you would not be able to buy that Tap dancing Elmo!

Happy Thanksgiving


Friday, November 21, 2014

What you see when the company has a party

Last Sunday our company had a little party after work. Most employees attended. I almost skipped it as it was a long work day. I was glad I went, some close work friends were there and it was a fun couple of hours.

We do have a diverse work place with people from 19 to 72 years old. What surprised me was how people dressed for the occasion. If you think you are up on the current fashion trends and styles, let me tell you, you have no clue. I certainly don't.

It was hip hop heaven. I was totally surprised by the fashion statements, not that it was bad, but I was blown away.

As I looked around I felt very old.

But now for the funny part. You would not believe how many guys in their forties and fifties were trying to blend in. It was funny and yet a bit sad. I understand we wear shirts and ties all day long and this is a chance to look different, but still.

I still wish I had thought to bring my new Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd t-shirt.

Now that would be age appropriate!

old Ray

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jon Stewart Interview

A very interesting man.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Simple things make me happy

it doesn't take much
being alone
nothing pending
with a 
book in hand
old tunes
tickling the ears
soft breeze
caressing the face
feet up
sun streaked skies
natures palette
of water
gently cascading
four paws
head scratch
for tidbits
game of catch
the drink 
of the moment
grow heavy
close for a 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Send out the clowns and the tigers too!

It is almost 2015 and it is time to stop the use of a couple of relics of the past.

The Zoo

Really, do we need to see animals in captivity any more? The world has changed much over the years and what was once a curiosity about the world around us is very passe. More and more reports come out on how devastating it is to the animals to live in captivity. I would add in Sea World also. Orca and the gang need hundreds of square miles to roam and hunt and instead they are held captive in the equivalent of a bathtub to live their lives out in.

There was an episode of Twilight Zone where the main character is kidnapped by aliens and transported to their planet. He awakens in what appears to be a house. It turns out to be a display of his normal habitat. He is an attraction in a zoo. Touche!

The Circus
How many more reports of animal cruelty do we need before they are ordered to shut down. Elephants balancing on a ball? Abusive treatment to keep them in line? Whips to train the lions and tigers? I always root for the animals.
The circus coming to town was a big diversion years ago, adding a bit excitement and side shows designed to separate the money from the marks.

Vote with your feet and wallet. Don't go.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

He used to write a lot remember?

first year

237 posts

second year

237 posts not planned, just worked out that way

third year

308 posts

fourth year

246 posts

fifth year

78 posts

sixth year

67 and counting

It is not that I have run out of ideas, it is just, I don't know....something, work, health, maybe.
On the plus side, six years is a long time and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

coffee time



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