Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh so shy, High school was such a waste

Sad but true. Not being popular in grade school set me up for a long four years in high school. Not popular, not cool, not most likely, not overly skilled in sports, tongue tied around around girls of all kinds and shapes. I only had a few friends that over time faded away. I was overmatched in most of the classes that I took. My report card always had the bloody red F's adorning them.

I never went to the dances, never had a date to any proms. They were invisible years. It was a painful time, many scars that never quite healed. It took a long time to recover. The thinking on this post my prove otherwise.

Eventually I put myself in positions that forced me to overcome and evolved. In my early twenties I became a bartender which overtime changed everything about me. I was forced, one baby step at a time to act differently. I let my funny side show. I stopped worrying about rejection. I became a very good bartender, in demand, working as much as I wanted, learning to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, good and bad.

But still things linger. I don't think I have even come close to my potential in life. But I have survived. Some days that is like being most likely to succeed.

To all the pretty girls who never gave me a look or kindness or the time of day, if you only knew...

coffee time


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why we are like we are, the United States copied everything from the British

SInce this country was born, we have used the way the British became a world power as a blue print and have done it better. The sun never sets on British rule.
We stole their playbook. We learned from their mistakes. We do make mistakes, many of them but we hide them better from the American public.

The rest of the world sees us as we are. Not the people themselves but our great leaders are at fault. But this has been going on for quite awhile.

I was watching the History channel the other day and the focus was on Teddy Roosevelt, and his connections with the Suez canal.  He realized that if a canal was in place it would be easier to get our navy from one ocean to another. So he had congress ratify a treaty to rent the land and the canal. The problem was the land was owned by Columbia. They said no. So we put in place a new country, Panama, which let us in. "Talk softly and carry a big stick", remember that phrase?

Soon afterwards, we had a fleet of 16 ships "visit" countries around the world, to let them know what we had and what would happen if they messed with us. We don't use the under rule phrase any more, but our military is everywhere. Currently we are trying to put the squeeze on China. They have noticed. And are gearing up.
A new cold war is brewing. Here we go again.




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did you ever wonder "what if I had done this sooner?"

Come on, we all have those thoughts, don't we? Or am I the only one? What if I had done this or took this job instead or met this person or gone down this road. I know for sure, I would not be writing this now and you would not be reading it. For better or worse, for richer and poorer. You have made your bed and now you must lie in it.

Pick a saying, any one at all and it will probably fit for whatever life has given you so far and whatever lies ahead.

People you have met over time have touched your life in one way or another. The car that let you merge on a busy highway, someone who opened a door for you when your hands were full, someone who said good morning and smiled, watching children play, peals of laughter cascading over all. A couple holding hands, the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen, only to be topped by tomorrows grand spectacle.

You made a right instead of a left and avoided that accident. You asked how someone was doing today and realized that they were happy that someone cared. You let someone know that they were not alone. You made someone realize they were not invisible today, they were noticed.

Ask someone if they need a hand, chances are they will be grateful for the kindness and the effort you have offered. You will find yourself smiling for no particular reason and people will want you to share. Do not allow little things to ruin your day, laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Little things count, for you and against you. Life offers no shortcuts but will allow you to take the long way if you so desire.

It is okay to wonder and then it is time to move on. Keep wondering, it is what makes us special.

coffee time

Sunday, January 20, 2013

They fear our government, that is why they have guns

There is a lack of trust that our government is for the people by the people.  A deep seated fear. They will say"you will have to pry my gun from my cold hands." The truth is, they will. One can have all the assault weapons and bullets and guns and knives and whatever, but if they launch an attack, it is over. And they will cart you away in a body bag.

They will quote the 2nd amendment as their bible. In fact the government doesn't believe in the constitution, hasn't for many years. They have chipped away at it, it is barely hanging on. For example, people are more involved with the latest smart phone than due process in a court of law. Whatever happened to habeas corpus?
Secret courts, secret camps, the president can order American citizens killed. Where is the hue and cry?

Yes there are gun nuts. Yes atrocious things have happened, many lives taken away. By that same token soldiers lives are lost everyday and many by suicide. Put in harms way, not to protect our country but to further some one's agenda. Many come home in body bags you are not allowed to see because it would inflame the American public. But still, more people are interested in the judges on American Idol.

Some that read this will say this a disjointed jumble of words on this page and that I don't understand what is going on in the world. Maybe that is true. But I do know it is almost impossible to have a discussion about politics, religion and world affairs without a lot of arm waving or arms crossed and foot stomping or whatever because it comes down to my way or the highway.

The problem with our government is that it sees every problem as a nail and they are the hammer. We stopped being the land of the free a long time ago.

time for a cold dark brooding coffee


Monday, January 14, 2013

very early morning random thoughts from rj

It is proving once again that the football playoffs are much more watchable then the Super Bowl will ever be.

That if I had dedicated myself to one particular sport, with years of training, the best teachers, the best techniques,  that I would still be an average athlete, They are that good.

That the most scary thing one may do is changes careers late in life.

That as a parent, one can only hope you have done well. It will be years before you know how it turns out.

One almost has to trick the mind in believing that what you want is what you want. The mental roadblocks to failure will pop up everywhere. It is hard to mute the inner voices of defeat. When you do, your successes will be enormous.

Success does not have to be shrouded with fame. It is okay to be great at something and still unknown to the world. The good thing is that greatness will be recognized in due course.

There is nothing worse then waking up from a long sleep and still being tired.

The problem with working through physical pain as you get older is you are not sure it will go away.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but like seasoning in cooking, you should always add enough to make it worthwhile and tasty.

The rewards in life should be on par with the effort put forth. A surprise bonus can be helpful and appreciated.

The hidden intrigue of a woman can sometimes be better then the unveiling.

The warm touch of a hand is always better than the promise of nothing.

Time of an energizing cup of coffee
but it is very noticeable that the effect isn't what it used to be.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

A smile of satisfaction was found on his countenance...

It is true. I am learning my craft. Nothing makes me happier then the knowing that I am getting a handle on helping people and can make a difference in people's lives. The insurance business can be somewhat complicated for most people and truth be known, parts of it have had me baffled. But instead of ignoring it and hoping it would go away I dove back in. Reading, watching, asking questions, what ever it takes. And finally, a eureka moment. But still I must continue. I have three days of class coming up in two weeks and I must have most of it down pat and understandable to me and the customer I will be working with.

With my last job, I barely got a toe in the water of this business, now I have belly flopped into the middle of the pond. It is a great feeling. Now to start swimming. I do know how to swim, yes?

coffee time


Monday, January 7, 2013

Guys don't like to talk about that ...

Age, okay, getting older, especially that magic number...70! or older. We are getting older. Age comes up in the conversation, more often then not. A friend of mine, who just turned 61, he was born in January, me in November, but the same year, brought up the "how much longer until retirement" sentence. We talked about social security and different dollar amounts and how wise it is to wait as long as possible and so on.

Then it dawned on me. We don't talk about life pass 70. It seems like a magic number. Like shooting 59 in golf, talking during a no-hitter, holding your breath during the final seconds of a championship game your team is about to win.

No one knows how long retirement will be or will we retire at all. Life is a crap shoot as it is. And life pass 70, will we be there, to get the checks the government doesn't want us to receive, to enjoy life as we want?
Will we be healthy enough to enjoy our selves or will the trials and tribulations of just surviving all these years take it's toll?

It is a somewhat scary and disconcerting thought isn't it. Sometimes I feel like an old building, crumbling away and then there is a spark of hope, a good day, or two or three. I am in the midst of a late stage career change which in its self can be distracting. So if you ever want to talk about my later quietly, don't want to disturb the old age gods from their slumber!

time for a coffee

I need someone help me to the kitchen
naw, not yet...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you use a kidney for a down payment, I can get you a cell phone for free

End of contract.
The rant for no more two year contract. Keep it simple keep it cheap. Month to month. Understood. I agree, but it is not going to happen. We have a family plan for four of us. Smart phones. Only the phones are smart, actually not too smart and kind of slow.

But they still work. Most of the time. But phones break, whether you do anything or not. You can get insurance, eight dollars a month. You get a replacement if needed. Five dollars extra if you want it next day. That part works, I have used it. A bargain. However pay for it for 24 months, is it worth it? Do the math.

Do you talk all that much? A thousand minutes doesn't sound like a lot but it is. We have had plans at 1500 minutes and just once went over 1,000 minutes. Most people text now a days. I stay in touch with a few friends up north, maybe 3-4 hours at most. Family mostly texts each other. I will answer a long text message
with "K". I am famous for that. Bowing, applause...

Unlimited. Why? Because texting is cheap to do and send by the companies. Someday they will get wise to it and have unlimited calling and expensive texting. Someday.

Phone costs
Really, six hundred dollars? And as soon as you buy it, it is old and outdated? And the phones promise you everything, almost like beer googles just before closing. But I can buy a lot of beer for six hundred dollars.

I was kidding about the kidney or it might be a lung as a partial payment. Honestly, is it worth it? Smart phones keep us from getting bored, instead we can be all bored together. It stops you from having to strike up a conversation with someone. Shuddering!!!

So there you go, our quest to renew our service without killing each other.

What are my choices again? Sigh...

beer time 2013



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