Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking For Mr. Right? How About Mr. Sometimes Right?

With all the dating sites springing up on the web and seemingly millions of people searching, there must be a lot of lonely people out there. Searching, hoping to land the hottie of their own. Men and women alike ignoring the almost perfect people around them.

I wonder why. I know of some that find someone and break up and go looking for the same sort of person they just left.  Silly right? One definition of insanity is to the same thing over and over and expect different results. But it happens.

Not tall enough, not smart enough, not enough money, too quiet, to loud, doesn't have them abs, wants kids, doesn't want kids, and so on.

No compromises.  Time marches on and the saying goes "All the good ones are married". Someone you know has said that in passing and wonders if they will grow old alone.

Many were overlooked because they were more frog-like then prince-like. They didn't fit the want list.

Now, this day may never come, but if it did this is what my ad would look like:

For sale

Somewhat older version of what I used to be a long time ago

Quite the handyman now that I have tools and a lifetime of experience

I love to read books and want someone who does too

I love rock and roll and love it loud

I love old cars

I love to slow dance

I love to cuddle

I love to laugh and make you laugh too

I love to be appreciated for the effort and maybe the results

I love history and what the world has to offer

I am learning to write poetry

I am outgoing in the work place but quiet at gatherings

I am somewhat a homebody but willing to try different things

I am available for a trial experience

Supplies are limited

Please dial the number below to get to an operator

Money back guarantee, because no money changed hands

Give me a try

Picture and age available on request.......
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