Sunday, December 2, 2012

Once again it's time for some random thoughts from RJ

It has been quite awhile since I did one like this, so now, while on weekend work release, here it goes.

There is nothing like being up very early in the morning, shower time, wander through the dark house avoiding the chewed rawhide scattered everywhere, happily walk into the kitchen and step right into a warm dog poop land mine. In the dark...

As a recent mini beer meeting proved once again, a good time can be had with someone you rarely see.

One can feel determination building to succeed if one removes all other options. Win or go home?

If something bad happens and you don't overreact, the bad loses its power.

People don't know or care what kind of effort it takes to win or succeed, all they look at is the box score for the results.

Pioneers on the wagon trail didn't circle the wagons to fight the Indians better, they did that so the cattle and horses wouldn't run away.

Nothing like drinking down a large cup of tea and as you got to the bottom notice a bug! a big bug...

Jay Cutler plays quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Many people don't like his attitude, I do, and he wins.
Just maybe, I am like him.

A temperature of 80 in December is not as hot as 80 in July. I am sure there is a reason, damned if I know why.

I marvel at people in Australia wondering what country around the world to visit this year and I am lucky to visit Chicago.

As I have gotten older, the older women have gotten prettier, why is that?

If you love animals, especially dogs, you must be a nice person.

until next time
beer time


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