Saturday, July 16, 2011

Negativity, Is There No End?

Sometimes as I listen to people talk, I listen for the positives in a conversation. One has to listen hard because they are drowned out by the negatives.

Such as:

There goes the neighborhood

Why do that, that is so stupid

Not much talent there, is there

Things are going from bad to worse

I don't like ( fill in race or color ) people

They are all alike

The system is against me

I hate working there

This job is terrible

You never ( fill in whatever )

They are ruining it for everybody

They make too much money

I don't make enough money

You never listen

You talk too much

This government official is terrible

No, I didn't vote for him

I didn't vote

That makes me so mad

What makes you happy ( waiting on answer )

and so on, and so on

One needs an umbrella to shield ones self from mental debris spouted at ones ears.

It takes its toll on your own mental being.

You find your self watching the person talk, silently observing, not commenting, because of course, what is the point.

One must go to your happy place. Why is it taking so long? Opps!
It is catching isn't it?

time for some wheat juice :(
blech ha ha

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