Monday, May 18, 2009

A Vision, Why Blog?

A person can stumble upon something, unaware of the who, the what, the where and the why behind it. Millions of people out there in cyber space post something almost everyday. For some it is a diary or a journal, letting them express the ying and yang of their daily lives, and the impact it has had on them.

Some wish to put out their very souls in a cry for help in this often uncaring world, and find strangers that care about them and will help them off the floor, dust them off and send them on their way, much the better for it.

Some have a passion for a specific subject and want to share with the world their expertise.

Some are using the web to bring about a point of view, express interest in something, by lifting up the rock to see what crawls out, and lifting up the second rock to find out what has been hidden.

The ability to write can and should be developed to express one's self and open up an avenue for discussion. The give and take on any post is done in the comments section where like minded or not can exchange ideas.

I like doing this because its fun, and like now, my thoughts are out there, naked to the world. I have broad shoulders, somewhat worn down at this time in life. I hope I amuse some, get someone thinking, why didn't I think of that?, if you get angry, so be it.

You can't please everyone, I don't intend to try. Someone out there will love me, and it only takes one to make my day.
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