Sunday, October 18, 2009

Florida Dodges A Bullet

No hurricanes this year came to our shores. No pushing and shoving in line to buy supplies that were plentiful just a short time before, begging to be purchased. No worried looks from customers wondering how to get ready for the strong winds and rain soon to come.
How to do this, how to do that? Who knew a hurricane was coming?

The disappointed looks from the Weather Channel forecasters as they through up their hands and say nothing is happening out there. There were some signs that something might happen again and again, only to be rebuffed northward to fizzle out once more. The official end of the hurricane season is still six weeks away, but we know it is over, the fat lady has sung her last note and the annual anxiety is put to rest once again.

The same people that panic and are always unprepared for the worst will be back next year, forgetful of past years turmoil.

While it lasts, let's enjoy the peace and quiet.
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