Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work Horse!

Work Horse

This is a copy of the art work I was given!

I have been helping out my next door neighbor with some outside work the last  few weeks. Some landscaping here and there. 

A small thing actually but with big results to the outside look of her house. She has been very happy with the effort on my part. I had volunteered. It was unexpected. I wanted to do something, expected nothing, in fact I had repeated many times nothing was expected back from her.

Instead I was bestowed a treasure of some of her art work. It is framed and ready to hang in a special place in my home. It came in a basket with other goodies, a fine book on how to draw and some of my favorite beer which will not go to waste, I can assure you. I knew she was an artist but had no clue how prolific and world renown she was.  

To walk into her house is to view an art gallery upon her walls. Stunning and mesmerizing. Her son is an artist as well. His work also adorns the walls. Art everywhere! One can not take it all in with glance.

If the art work (which is a reproduction of an original water color) is the perception of how outsiders see me, I am very pleased. I am still stunned with her generosity.  Her art is very witty, pointed commentary, droll sense of humor, a way of thinking I am very familiar with.  I told her I would write about her, which also surprised her.

Please check out her website. I think you will be pleased with your effort and time.
Rollin McGrail
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