Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let Me Grab The Remote, This Ain't The Lifetime Channel!!

It is time to go back to my normal self, what ever that is. I am working on health first, fixing what I can, reassess my situation and go on from there.

To all the wonderful women and gentlemen that responded here and in private, I want to let you know I will be posting my personal phone number at the end of this post, just might just take you up on that offer.

Words were used like warm, intelligent, worthy, loved, important, appreciating, eloquent, artistic, even a handsome thrown in for good measure.

And you came from around the world to offer comfort, understanding, a pat on the back and a hug.
The appreciation of my honesty was very humbling. Everyone has something going on and something that needs to be handled one way or another. I am not alone.

One wrote me 
"The whole health is the most difficult thing to get through
   because it has an impact on everything else. "

How true. 

Things have a tendency to build up over time. My various blogs serve as a release of some kind. That you would take time to stop by to read and even comment is wonderful. 

But knowing all this, at a point in time it is time to get back up and assume the warrior pose.  Life goes on and I must tilt at some more windmills. 

I was kidding about the phone number, but you knew that didn't you! ha ha



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