Sunday, September 5, 2010

Planning The Trip Of Your Life

People will take the time to plan a vacation down to the smallest detail. See this, see that, what to do on day one and two and so on.

Guide books to point out the sights, the costs and what times the venue is open and what time it closes.

Good places to eat, shows to see. Are there friends in the area? Yep, very precise and accurate plans all centered around a vacation.

The anticipation of the trip, the rush to go and of course the long ride home, tired but glad it is over.

Businesses used to have a five year plan on bringing a product to market. Those lines seem blurred now as competition forces a hurry up attitude to be first to market. Competition will do that.

But people, oh my. Like a silver ball on a pinball machine off to here, off to there, off to there, with nary a thought on what one wants in life or what  goals are worth achieving. What do you want to be when you grow up?  When you were little that answer was easy. A cowboy, an astronaut, a model, a rock star. But as you got older dreams began to fade. One reads about sport stars doing what they wanted to do, or a movie actress saying they are doing what they dreamed about doing.

Most people drift about from job to job. Is the career you are employed in now what you really want to be doing the rest of your life. I don't think so. But, but I don't know anything else! People cry out those words. You stumbled into this job, stumble into another. But it pays the bills, you mumble.

What would you do if money was unimportant? Where do you plan on being in 5 years? Ten? People don't make the effort and end up in a position that makes them miserable and the people around them the same.

But they won't leave unless they are asked to go. It is a big scary world out there and few want you to succeed in life. Misery loves company.

Prove them wrong. Take a stand. Show them you can succeed. Show them you are different. Your footprints do matter. Your thoughts, ideas, are special. Use them, don't waste them, silence the naysayers.
They never erected a statue to a critic. Never will.

You are special. Prove it. Plan to win at life, plan your trip of life.

map of downtown Chicago!
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