Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Wish List Is Small

My wish list is small. A 1963 Corvette Stingray. My favorite color is red. This is the only year the car had the split rear window.
There is no room for the young blond option in this car. Older brunettes may apply.
No, I have never driven in one. The split rear window would take time getting used to while driving.
A man needs a want that doesn't need to be fulfilled. This is mine. A car like this is not a low hanging fruit. They are very expensive, way out of my price range, not very practical, all the more reason to have one.
Someday I will have a less expensive Corvette, they are out there.
No, this is not a mid-life crisis car. I have wanted this car since 1963.
Any year from 1963-67 will do, because it was a very special time for the Corvette.
I am not an expert on cars, but I know what I like. A love affair like no other!
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