Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac is missing us but there is a lesson to be learned

We are feeling the affects of Isaac, lots of rain and more rain and more rain.

I posted on FB - I saw ducks and frogs walking side by side in pairs of two yelling "Noah!"
not good...

The wind has been gusty but not scary. And even though it did not look like we were going to get a direct hit, I had the house ready. Plenty of gas for the generator, generator tested, enough food and water, shutters on stand by ( the result of lots of hard work a few years back), and all in all a mental comfort level that for many years I did not have.

But a few of my neighbors, divorced ladies, have gotten a sense of urgency that they didn't have before. They have done a few things to get ready at my suggestions and kind of look to me for advice.
(Unlike around here)
And will redouble their efforts over the next few weeks because hurricane season, (yes there is such a thing) starts June 1st and ends in November.  Mid August through mid September is the most active time.

I have walked around the house a few time during the wind and rain to see how things are doing. So far so good.

Sometimes you get lucky. The clear shutters, see through and light weight are at the ready. No need for now.
But I know if I wasn't ready the eye of the hurricane would be bearing down on me.

a relaxing cup of coffee at the ready, back to my mind numbing test homework.


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