Sunday, August 19, 2012

WLS (Worlds Largest Store-Sears) 1985 New Years Day

yea I know, the sound has some static, am signal recorded and all, but being from Chicago it has gives up a lot of memories.

the 3rd part is the clearest sound.

3 parts to it, all the number one hits, see if you know them all!

beer time down memory lane


As recorded from Philadelphia: During WLS Chicago's lifetime as a Top 40 giant, their various production wizards assembled an annual year-end montage of hooks from all the number one hits of the year. Every year, the new montage was spliced on to the end of all the old ones, and the whole thing was played on WLS after the stroke of midnight to ring in the new. This one, broadcast on January 1, 1985, covers the approximate time span of 1960 to 1985. This was the last year that WLS played this.

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