Friday, August 20, 2010

So What Do You Do For A Living? Yawn, That's Nice...

What do you do for a living is one of the first things someone asks when you meet. A common question, inquiring minds want to know.  Sometimes the motive is where to place you in life, in their mind. Is it a job with stature, respect or is what I do for a living better then you.

With guys, for the most part being very competitive, am I better then you? Bigger, faster, stronger, more powerful. More money, a measuring stick.
Very common.  I have it made, you don't.  My financial muscles are bigger. And so on and so on.  Each job has a stature all of it's own. Perception is reality, comparisons, bragging rights.  But each job also has a tag with it, think of all the lawyer jokes and the thought of being a car salesman? Oh no, not me.

Woman look at what a guy does for a living a bit different, I will hazard a guess. If she likes him, will he be a good provider, is he an up and comer, a man on the move, is he worthy of my time or should I move on?
Of course, many women now a days earn more then men, but it wasn't always that way.

Job titles can sometimes be kind of fuzzy, hiding the true stature and rank of the person in question.  Some people want to look down at you, it makes them feel better and superior, if only for a moment.

I work in retail. I wear a vest with a name tag. Many days I look worn out and tired and dirty at work putting in the effort to make everything as perfect as possible for you the customer, trying to exceed your expectations so that your shopping experience will be a good one.

I am here to help, explain and solve your problems with the right product or solution. You are here to buy and I am here to sell. I am foremost a salesman. I make more money then you think because I am good at what I do. I have expertise in what I do.

No, I don't have the diploma on the wall stating that the person below is in good standing and has earned this degree, but none the less, I have earned the respect of my peers and my profession.  Those that know how to sell understand, those that don't are called customers.

So, what do you do for a living?
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