Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Really, Add It All Up And That's It?

There is nothing like getting your Social Security statement and adding up what you have made over the years.

Really that much.....that little...

I/we have accomplished quite a bit over the years with very little.

Kind of embarrassing.

But wait, we have owned 8-10 homes over the years, I learned how to do a bunch of stuff that saved us a lot of money, we raised three wonderful children.

All in all, I would consider it


still some extra cash would come in handy!

a cold beer or two for my reward!

I am a rich man after all!



Travel & Dive Girl said...

Your so lucky...beer is cheap in the US.

R. Jacob said...


Cheap beer is cheap, good beer, like from Canada is not. I will have a Molson please!


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