Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feel Free To Work Any Six Days You Want

What I am finding out now this time around is that in mainstream retail, working six days has become the standard.
Yep, one day off!
Let us think about that shall we...

I did a post last year on how overworked Americans are compared to the rest of the world. Now the excuse is that you should be happy to have a job.

How happy? Not very.
But I maybe forced to take to take any job soon to bring some income.
But to save my sanity I need two days off. It may upset my comfort zone to work at something different but I will have to try. Plus there is a house to maintain. It will quickly fall into disrepair. And I will not let that happen.

oh, did I mention about the twelve hour days? Sometimes the work week might be 60-70 hours.

oh the insanity!

a tired cup of coffee time


I went on an interview yesterday. They like me, but a second interview might not be for another week or so.
The waiting continues.
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