Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So how do you fold a thong anyway?

I am so domesticated.
Washing clothes, drying clothes, and folding. And it doesn't matters whose they are.
I have two grown daughters, a son,  plus the wife so I am stuck many times folding their clothes too.

No, I am not that wonderful, it is just that I may need to wash my own and a load of clothes may be in there all day, untouched, unless I take care of them.

Which brings me to woman's underwear. I view them like a first time dad handles a stinky diaper.


Tongs might be a good idea. They all get thrown in a pile as an add-on to everything I have folded.

Let them figure it out.

this has been a public service announcement
from the laundry custodian

coffee time


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