Thursday, August 9, 2012

I don't buy into the hype, most of the time

You see, the olympics are too commercialized, too expensive to run and run by a bunch of old men who rob from the cities and countries that will spend millions of dollars to build venues that will in most cases be used one time.
They are promised massive dollars that will infuse and inflate the economy for years to come.
Instead they will be paying the bills to run this monster for thirty to forty years.
It is not worth it.

Chicago, where I am from, lost out a few years ago to have the olympics in that city and I had written that I was glad because they are broke as a city and this would have done them in.

As for the athletes, who by the way, are more handsome and beautiful then ever before, in incredible shape and have dedicated themselves for years and years are picked upon for trying to cash in on their new found fame and notoriety by the press and the public at large.

Most are broke. Their parents are broke and going into bankruptcy from supporting them all those years. Other countries spend millions to train their athletes but we like to do it the old fashion way, pay your own way. Being penniless is good for the soul.

Some of the performances have been amazing to watch but to be honest I haven't watched that much. I am happy when the states win but I don't have that do or die feeling anymore. Maybe it got old or I have.

Everything gets over analyzed in every sport and walk of life. One is not allowed to say anything or do anything without it being picked apart.


Life has enough ups and downs as it is. Please let them enjoy the moment, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

The spirit of competition.

beer time



I read on another blog the ancient Olympics were played in the nude. This is true. But the reason was a woman, ( women were banned from competing) snuck in to compete. To stop that from happening they got naked.
If they did that now I am betting ratings would be up!
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