Tuesday, August 7, 2012

He is a Bolt of Lightning I tell you

I am not caught up in the olympic hoopla any more, but I still can be amazed by speed. Bolt, who stunned the world four years ago in the 100 meter race did it again. A different spectacular finish but a big win never the less.

A very cautious slow start, worried about a false start, Bolt was way behind early on. And yet he won going away. The race was so fast that there were multiple world records broken and yet he won going away.

You may not know this but so much energy is consumed during this race that at the half way point it is usually gone and the runners just try to maintain it to the end. Which is why it is rare to see a come from behind victory.

Until now.

He passed six other runners for the victory. That just doesn't happen. But it did. He is a showman.

Rumor has it that a cheetah has offered to race against him.
A spokesman for the cheetah has declined comment.

a very tired, out of shape, cup of coffee
to celebrate this olympic moment

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