Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tell Your Children You Love Them...Part 2

My daughter Dana is fond of saying that her parents are the hardest working people she knows. Thank you Dana. But I think it is a family trait.

My children learned early on that the only way that they could get the "goodies" they wanted was to go to work. And work they did. Because like many parents we are as stretched as possible trying to make ends meet and take care of the basics and reacting to the financial surprises that life springs upon us.

They get it. And it is not just for themselves. They are giving, helping others in need. And sometimes those in need just might be their parents! I get gifts at Christmas or birthdays stuff that I want but would never think to buy for my self because of one bill or another that is deemed more important. They understand we take on the bulk of life's problems because that is what we do and we do it willingly.
Their turn will come soon enough as with my daughter Kristine who has her own house and the bills that come with ownership, she deals with that as well.

The giving never stops. I tell my children that mom and dad are on speed dial and if any problem arises to call or ask for help. My pledge to them, as long as I am breathing I am willing to help them. We will figure it out together.

The purpose for writing these two posts is to let them know how much we love and care for our children and to let them know now, not later when someone is not here to hear or read about it. Be grateful for your family.

Tell your children you love them.

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