Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are You Sure That Is My Waistline You Just Measured?

Yesterday, our company had a "health bus" come to our store and give employees a quick thumbnail sketch of the current health status of ones self.

It was quick and relatively painless. A pin prick on the finger to measure cholesterol, hop on the scale, measure your height,  a handheld device to measure your bmi index and body fat  ( a two hand control that sends a small electrical charge through the body),   blood pressure,  pulse,  and go over the results.

I am in great shape if I happen to be 7 ft 1 instead of 6 ft 1 and if I was 80 years old instead of 58. Actually, some figures were high, some were borderline, only my pulse was perfect.

The scale confirmed that Thanksgiving meals and leftovers should be banned!

It also confirmed that just because you can get into a smaller pair of pants doesn't mean they fit. That damn hangover!

I had drifted away lately from paying attention to the amount of what I was eating, succumbing to some sweet snacks on the way to work, things that have been working for me for the last few months.

My right knee had also been hurting a lot lately, been limping at times, ( torn meniscus ) and forcing me to skip some walks.

Many of us were reluctant to go for the check up, I am glad I did.

Sometimes you need a gentle nudge to get going down the right path again, sometimes it takes a baseball bat to the back of the head!

Still woozy from the bat, I thought I would share my stuff.
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