Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life's Influences - Be Yourself - ChooseThe Right Path

I was wondering what shapes our lives. What is the guiding force that is the motivation to do what we do.

Were you happy growing up? Was your house the one your friends always came by? Was it because of you or your parents? Was the environment happy and friendly? Or was your home the quiet one were no one stopped by? Did you go elsewhere to have fun?

A parent can be a good mentor but in many cases it is an outside influence, someone who sees in you a bit of greatness that just might be unearthed with a steady hand.

Role model
One that shows the way whether in sports or schooling or writing or artistic endeavors or yes, in being a parent, you may try to emulate in some way.

A respected professional
Whether a lawyer, doctor, teacher, scientist, catches your eye, do you want to to do what it takes to get to where they are or beyond?

But in ones eagerness to become like someone else, I think that you lose part of what makes up you. All the influences that happen over time, inside and outside of the home to me, are like the makings of a big pot of soup or stew. What you put in may not be what you get out of it at the end.

The path of self discovery of what you are good at or what makes you happy is never ending. But whatever you job is in life, did you ever ask your self why you are there at that moment? Will you be there tomorrow?

Or is the search still on.

The ah ha moment, the epiphany of clarity, is sometimes not always crystal clear at first. Mostly because it involves change. Change is great when you are young, not so much fun when you get older because of risk, of course.

Be your self. Be all you can be. Familiar phrases to be sure. But I think being different is the most important thing of all.

Dare to try, dare to fail. Success is truly measured in small steps.

And you will find the real you.

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