Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Day The Poems Died

Once upon a time, with words of encouragement from someone, I started writing poetry. Not in the classic style, but in a comfortable way for me. A simple way, usually three words per line, it seemed to work for me. I found out that the poems would write themselves. Thoughts would tumble on to the screen, never a correction or change of words, with a speed I found fascinating. When I thought I had said enough, I would stop. Thoughts would tumble through my mind during the day and I couldn't wait to sit down to write.

Then it stopped.

Except for one or two outbursts of emotion, the thoughts went away and hid. And I can point to the one poem that did it.

Wedding Vows

After showing some of my poems to a few women at work to get their reaction, one came up to me with a request. She was getting married and wanted me to write her wedding vows. I was surprised and stunned, but I said yes. Did I mention she was gay? How was I to write about the love of one woman for another?

I thought about it for quite awhile. I had no idea. So I cobbled together the opening lines from a Barry White song, along with some words from two or three poems I had already written, smoothed it out, made it look original and handed it to her for her approval. She read it and started crying. She liked it. I was happy for her, but I walked away feeling unfulfilled. I did go to the wedding ceremony just to hear her say the words, but I was not moved by them, even though her and her bride cried during the reading.

And like a curse of a song writer, the words dried up. The poem thoughts became less and less frequent and now they are gone. I am hoping that by writing about it, the block that I have in place will relinquish its hold on me.

If it does not start up again, at least I have many to show and read which you can see here at
R Jacob Post Poetic Muses

I am proud of what I have written. It all happened because someone did not laugh or belittle my first attempt.
For that I am forever grateful.

and now for the morning ritual
coffee time

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