Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Is Not Fair In Love And War..

I looked the line up, "all is fair in love and war" said by no one knows. But putting aside the war part, love is not fair to all people all the time. Those feelings have echoed through out the ages and the times and words have changed but not the meaning.

I came upon some words from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from The Return of Sherlock Holmes from The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange, a character in one of the stories said this to Mr. Holmes describing his love for a woman.

"I must go back a bit. You seem to know everything, so I expect that you know that I met her when she was a passenger and I was the first officer of the Rock of Gibraltar. From the first day I met her, she was the only woman to me. Every day of that voyage I loved her more, and many a time since have I kneeled down in the darkness of the night watch and kissed the deck of that ship because I knew her dear feet had trod it. She was never engaged to me. She treated me as fairly as ever a woman treated a man. I have no complaint to make. It was all love on my side, and all good comradeship and friendship on hers. When  we parted she was a free woman, but I could never again be a free man."

I wondered as I read this, was this just a part of the story or was it a part of Sir Arthur's life.  More heartfelt words have never been written. Now back to my reading...

and a beer or two


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