Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Body Is Letting Me Down!

That some body is my body.

Shoulders that ache, knees in pain, it seems that the adventures of youth and life have taken its toll.

I am somewhat envious and jealous of others who engage in some type of athletic endeavor.

I wistfully look on as others test themselves in competition of any kind.

I feel a bit beaten down at the moment.

I am trying, believe me.

Somewhat futile at the moment.

I used to.

Three defining words.

We used to say growing up, "better to be a has been then a never was."

Now I am not so sure.

I am counting on pride to pull me back up to be involved once again.

When I was growing up it was an unspoken rule to play through the hurts and the pain of competition.

Can I do it again?

So far no...

After wallowing in all this self pity,

I am going to need a shower for the body and the mind.

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