Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shields Up Scotty!

Ok, not shields but see through shutters. Watching the Weather Channel and looking on line at the tracking models at Weather Underground, I decided to take action. The path looked like it would pass over us. I was off Monday and Tuesday.

Monday was fill up the gas can day. We have several that I filled to keep the gas generator going if needed. If there is panic in the streets, getting gas could take hours. This time it took 20 minutes.

Tuesday morning I decided to put up the shutters. The windows around the house took about an hour. Then I started on the patio. They are half finished. I can put the rest up in about an hour.

When I had gone the plywood route, it would have taken all day and maybe into the night. The work on custom installing the tracks for the shutters was done by me two years ago. It was a long drawn out process, working on them a few days a week for about 7 weeks. The fact that they are see through and light makes all the difference. There is none of the dark, entombing, feeling of metal or wood on the windows and doors.
If I am not around, the family members at home could handle it.

It has been pointed out to me that I did it all for nothing. For those who have been through a hurricane, there is no such thing as being over prepared. I will always be ready when there is a chance of harm.

nice new shiny gutters too!

The end of August and early September is a busy time for hurricane activity. So I may leave them up for awhile. Maybe, just maybe, the shutters scared the hurricane away. But I know that if I was unprepared, the hurricane would be bearing down on me as we speak.

And now it is time for a well deserved cup of coffee!

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