Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Hold You In Esteem! Huh?

Hey who are you talking to? Me? You hold me in esteem? Why thank you! 
Hey wait a darn minute, what the hell is esteem?

Defined as:
1   archaic : worthvalue

archaic : opinionjudgment
: the regard in which one is held; especially : high regardesteem we all feel for her>

What about self esteem I hear about all the time? What is that? Lumping stuff all together, it means you are important and worthy and priceless. Little ole me? Yes and you and you.
We all have down days where nothing seems to go right. We think it is all our fault, one thing after another going wrong. Not true. If that was the case, who dressed you, fed you, drove you to work, and so on. Like anything else, some things seem to stick out.
Most of the time we can shake the bad stuff off, sometimes by laughing at the silliness of it all.
But sometimes, our brain can't get out of the way. It might be a bad affirmation, something said to us when we were young, "you are ugly" or "you are fat" or "we don't love you" or "you are stupid" that will stay with us for life.  Life becomes a series of awkward social situations, or we refuse to accept compliments at face value because we doubt them.
I feel like that when I draw or write poetry. Really, do you think it's good, really? It takes many compliments to make me believe it. But when I walk away from a drawing or a writing, I am satisfied with the end results. Confused? Me too. But onward.
Someone can be described as beautiful, intelligent, creative, resourceful, worldly, witty and not believe it. ( No, it is not me ha ha). You run into all types of people in life who seem to have it all and are totally insecure because they think they don't deserve it or fame is fleeting, or looks will go with age.
Many things we do are based on results. Sometimes perfection is expected, a doctor, a pilot, often don't get a second chance or a do over. Most of us can try again, at what ever we attempted.
Low self esteem, holding yourself with little or no regard of importance is usually wrong. If you are not good at something, try something else. Sometimes society puts up roadblocks to prevent success from happening. Sometimes you have to change the rules and society will grudgingly go along.
The end result is the more confidence you have in yourself the more people will recognize that fact indeed you are special. 
So to all of us out there with a moment of self doubt, we believe in you. You are what you are and that is good enough. 
And that goes for me too.
We hold you in high esteem! Sounds good, doesn't it! My self esteem just went up a notch.
Time for a cold something or other to drink

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