Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whatever You Do For A Living

Whatever you do for a living, I am willing to bet you would leave it tomorrow if you could. You would try your dream job whatever it is. You hate whom you work with, work for, and are only there for the paycheck. I know it could be reversed. You like who you work for but not the ones you work with. Pick a combination, whatever.

My point being, if you won the mythical lottery, it would be over. Why? Interesting question. In most cases, a guess on my part by the way, your profession was not something you planned on and planned for. You stumbled into it as the best choice at the time.

I know, some of you went to school, studied real hard, became a doctor or lawyer or indian chief and can proudly point to the fact that you are a success. You think I don't know what I am talking about.  Ok, then answer me this, are you happy with where you are now? Or did you stay on because all the time and money you invested?

I did a post on this,  Financial Handcuffs! that looked into this. What is your dream job?
What would you do if whatever you chose paid the bills?

Would you be a coal miner working 3 miles underground, never  see daylight, breathing in deadly gases?
Would you work in the oil fields, or out on the ocean rigs, thinking today could be your last day?

See what I mean? The answers are obvious and then again they are not. Someone wants to leave a job and someone wants that job. It is like the stock market, someone buying, someone selling, each thinking the other is a sucker.

All I know, what I do is not what I should be doing. I think that goes for you too. Passion stirs in everyone to some degree. Different levels to be sure. But dare to dream and try something different. Success has different looks to everyone.

You owe it to you.

Stepping down from my soapbox, I think it is time for a cold one.

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