Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Gutter Failure

I am a pretty handy guy around the house. I manage to figure out how to fix things or repair or create something that was needed.. My Waterloo of sorts has been putting up gutters where there was none before.  Should be easy enough right?

Not this time.

First thing missing was the shingle line that extended out far enough for the rain runoff to hit the gutter nicely. Then I had a problem with the pitch of the gutter so it would drain properly to the downspouts. Everything would seem to be okay and then a heavy rain would find the flaws of my design or installation.

I would make note of the flaws and dutifully go back up to repair it once more. I would tweak it again and again.

Enough. New gutters go up today!

Not an exciting post today but letting you in on what is going on.

big coffee time

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